Old Testament

2 February, 2021
bible old testament listen online in russian

The Bible is the Holy Scripture that helps many people find meaning in life and get to know the person of God. Reading this book, you can find a solution to any problem you have, calm your mind and find salvation. The Bible is the most read book in the world. The Old Testament was created in the pre-Christian era, but it is still relevant today. Let's see why people should read it nowadays.

The primary reasons to study the Old Testament

The Old Testament narrates the history of the people of Israel. Jews kept their faith even before Jesus Christ came to earth. They looked forward to the coming of the Messiah and fulfilled the law. The Scripture certainly has no shortage of people who have lived holy and righteous lives. Here are some reasons why the Old Testament is still relevant today. Reading the books of the Bible makes you a person that can:

  1. Understand yourself. People learn the essence of life through the Bible. Someone finds the purpose of life; someone finds peace of mind and inner calm.

  2. Get closer to the Creator. Only by Jesus Christ can a person receive salvation and grace. Becoming closer to the Lord, a person finds peace of mind and inner calm.

  3. Find comfort and support. Even if you listen to the Bible and the Old Testament in English online, you will know what to do with your life situations, when you are confused.

           Where can you read the Holy Scriptures?

You can study the Bible online on our Christ’s Bodies platform. The web-service is specially designed so that you could get acquainted with the Bible and study the Scriptures without leaving your home. In addition, you have the opportunity to join an online group. It is a community of people and together with them you can have video conferences to discuss the Bible, communicate, pray and support each other. Some benefits of using the platform:

  • quick registration – login, making a few steps, and find your like-minded people in the "Groups" section;

  • convenient and capacious materials – on the platform you can find text materials, books and videos for easy study of the Old Testament and the Bible;

  • answers to all questions – through the one-year course “Cover Bible,” you will quickly become familiar with the Bible and you will have a general knowledge of the Book that people have been studying for thousands of years.

Registration on the platform takes only a few minutes. Go to the main page of the website and in the upper right corner click “Join.” Go to registration and fill out your profile on the platform. You are now ready to start your Bible study journey with hundreds of people on Christ's Bodies.