Online Bible Study Groups

27 January, 2021
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Online Bible Study Groups is a new definition and its concept is gaining strength on the Internet. Who these groups are for, why we need them and what advantage they have, we will find out in the article.

What a Bible Study Group is

An online group is a group of people who are united by one idea, the same interests and, most importantly, faith in God. It is a community formed and baptized in the Holy Spirit. Each member is under the leadership of Christ, who edifies and through him or her manifests His presence, power and purpose. They live in different countries and cities, but thanks to the Christ’s Bodies platform capabilities, they have real time meetings. People hold these meetings to:

1. Grow spiritually together through Bible study,

2. Pray and communicate to support each to get through tough situations in life,

3. Contribute to each other's spiritual and physical needs.

The goal that Jesus set before all believers is to spread the Gospel. The group also has a goal – to lead people to salvation. Each member takes the initiative to help others come closer to Christ. In modern conditions of life, the Internet is the best tool for fulfilling God's mission.

Today many churches benefit from the experience of home groups around the whole world. It is often a place where congregation members gather for the benefit of their spiritual state, to spend time reviewing key Bible passages and to fellowship with friends in faith in singleness of heart.

Benefits of online groups

The free Christ’s Bodies tool makes home Bible study groups available to all. How?

1. A member is not tied to the location of the group. He no longer spends time on transport and he may not leave his home or office. The online group takes place at a certain time, but a person chooses the place himself. While on a business trip, vacation, he does not miss his home group.

2. All the members agree to appoint the day and time to hold the event. It is convenient for everyone. Besides, everyone will receive a notification and a reminder of the scheduled meeting.

3. The main bonus of the Christ’s Bodies platform is that it is totally free. All users are provided with books, courses, text and video materials.

By joining Christ’s Bodies you will get:

1. New friends and their support.

2.Prayer and support

3.The opportunity to get advice from a mentor, if you need it.

4. Access to group materials

5. All video conferences in case you missed a meeting

6. Spiritual and personal development through communication with people from different parts of earth

7. Influence on new members - you can create your own group and introduce people to God.

Fulfill the mission of Christ with the Christ’s Bodies. Register and create your online group!