Christian mentor training

18 March, 2021
christian mentoring courses online

As Christians, church leaders, Levites, pastors, we all must remember the great commission of Jesus Christ to make disciples. Much attention is paid to the fulfillment of the first part of the famous verse - to evangelism. However, it so happens that the second part - teaching new converts to obey all that He has commanded - fades into the background.

Christian mentoring is a relationship between people. The mentor is a more experienced person, who shares knowledge with a new convert. In Christianity, ministry is an activity carried out by believers to express or spread their faith. We define ministry as “fulfilling Christ's mission in the world.”

Now Christian mentor training has become available to any person desiring be a mentor. Online resources offer us a variety of books, websites, platforms, and online Christian mentoring courses. All this will help you to make steps on the path to successful mentoring to help people in future. Discover a range of content designed to help in your ministry:

  • the foundational principles of mentoring, the Bible study, following the voice of God,

  • pattens for ministry and improving your communication skills.

Such training reveals the biblical foundations, with particular emphasis on Christian principles of mentoring and the priorities of the early church. It also provides practical guidelines to help the modern church prioritize disciple making ministry.

Most often, such courses are designed for several days and include:

  • Different forms of mentoring can take

  • Developing identity

  • Planning the ministry

  • A spirituality of mentoring

  • Using the Bible and prayer in mentoring

  • Biblical foundations for mentoring and coaching

  • Key stages in mentoring and coaching

  • Self-reflection in mentoring

  • Question skills

  • Mentoring through the arts

Distance learning courses and mentoring materials are suitable for anyone, who has a desire to connect with others for Christ or spread the faith. It is also a great opportunity to start learning about youth mentoring.

This will provide you with key skills in Christian fellowship, as well as a solid foundation in mentoring and counseling.

A new “Consultation” feature is available on the Christ’s Bodies platform. Leaders take a test to become mentors and counselors for home group members. If you want to be a mentor, register on Christ’s Bodies. Here you can fulfill your mission, help other people and grow in faith.