Evangelisation is the key to church growth

16 June, 2021
evangelism tactics

Evangelism is the key to church growth

Evangelism is a way to promote the Word of God Bible study. It is a way to achieve the greatest and only goal – the salvation of people.

The main problem with evangelism is that the level of interest in this subject has declined in recent years. Some methods of evangelism are old and people find them less effective. Online evangelism has replaced habitual evangelism in the age of the Internet: more and more people participate in virtual meetings, watch video sermons, and communicate in online groups.

How to do effective evangelism

The first step to do effective evangelism is to find out which method is best for your church. The process of evangelism at this point should be the priority. To do this, use feedback: who, if not new converts, will be able to express their opinions and help minister more effectively. Collecting and analyzing feedback is essential to correct mistakes and make evangelism more productively.

One simple tip on how to start evangelism: just start talking about Jesus, about what He has done in your life and those around you. Right now, in the period of the global pandemic and crisis, the time has come to preach the Gospel.

How to Promote Evangelism

Churches that follow Jesus' example and reach out to new people with the good news grow spiritually through evangelism. Here are some evangelistic principles modeled by Jesus that will help the church attract new people:

1. Try to understand the people you are preaching to, especially those who are far from the church.

This is exactly what made Jesus so effective in preaching. Read some examples in the gospel where Jesus attracted people to God. The Bible often notes that Jesus knew what people were thinking. For example:

“The Pharisees and the teachers of the law began thinking to themselves, “Who is this fellow who speaks blasphemy? Who can forgive sins but God alone?”

Jesus knew what they were thinking and asked, “Why are you thinking these things in your hearts? Which is easier: to say, "Your sins are forgiven," or to say, "Get up and walk"?” (Luke 5: 21-23)

It's much easier to connect with people if you understand what they think and what worries them most in life. Try to understand what new converts or people who are far from the church think about their new community. Show empathy and ask some questions: what they think about the church and how the church makes them feel.

2. To promote evangelism, pay attention to people who have open hearts

Focus on those with an open mind. This is the point of the parable of the soils and the sower. There is a sensitivity concerning the gospel. Sometimes people are especially open to the Word, accept it with joy and this is not always the case.

Growing churches are focused on attracting perceptive people who are willing to learn and then teach others. If you see that a person categorically refuses to listen to you, do not insist and do not press on him. You have already sowed the seed of truth and the time will come when it grows.

3. Approach your actions how to approach your goal

If you want to lead someone to God, find out about a person’s interest. Perhaps he has pain or a problem that he cannot overcome. Help solve problems, show your interest. You need to be flexible, when dealing with different people.

For example, at the beginning of the ministry at Vineyard Church, they found out that the biggest need of young couples was potty training. Therefore, the church held a seminar on potty training with a Christian psychologist. Through this ministry, the church attracted dozens of new couples.

4. Pay attention to people who live close to your church

This is the main strategy found in the New Testament. You should connect with people who live close to you and to your church. Experience has made evident one fact: people come to faith in Christ and join churches through friends or family members.

The most effective evangelism is through building human relations bridges. The effectiveness of evangelism will be increased only if we truly reveal the foundation of life in the Body of Christ. For example, you can hold an open meeting where everyone can have:

  • live communicating with music;

  • welcoming atmosphere for families with children;

  • Biblical preaching through good communications;

  • an effective system for accepting people and their support.

On seeing this, people will invite their friends, acquaintances and relatives, new people will come to your church.

5. Use online resources

During the quarantine, many churches stopped evangelistic activities. But there is always a way out if you really want to achieve your goal. Today these are resources such as the Christ's Bodies platform.

Christ's Bodies is a unique platform for creating and developing home groups, evangelism and worship online. Now there are no barriers to spread God's Word and save people. All you need to do is simply register, join one of the dozens of online groups, or create your own.

Here, the participants gather in groups, taking into account the interests of each other. For example, you can join a group of musicians or a group that is only for women. If you haven't found the one that suits you, create a new one to reach your audience!

Christ's Bodies is a community of people who follow Christ and choose online evangelism. Here churches and full ministries are formed with leaders, pastors and Levites. Join, register and become part of the Internet movement.