How to Find a Christian Mentor

18 March, 2021
how do i find an online christian life coach

Finding a Christian mentor is a matter of seriousness of attitude. A Christian life coach accompanies the person and is focused on helping him to follow God’s plan for his life. The role of a Christian life coach is to equip you, to reveal your life purpose, to point out problems and to help solve them God’s way.

Reasons why you need a life coach

A Christian coach is like a personal trainer. Life coaching starts by providing people with assistance for problems and then broadens into helping them live more effectively in other areas. If you find a Christian life coach you will be able to navigate life transitions successfully. If you have a desire to set priorities in your life, make important changes, reduce triggers of stress and find in the right direction, you need a life coach.

How to find the right life coach for you

If you start to work with your mentor, pay attention to how you change your thought patterns. The process of coaching is an amazing way to create positive change and it includes:

  • Gaining clarity about what has been confusing you for so long. You’ll be able to finally see the things that are holding you back to make the decision to change.

  • Disappointment and anxiety will be replaced by peace and tranquility, new habits and attitudes.

  • You will be inspired by the power of God and stay focused. This will enable you to make progress on the right track, on what matters most. You will turn ideas into actions.

  • You will feel supported and understood and this will change your life and your attitude towards others.

  • You will get to know yourself better, really well. You will practice spirituality for personal growth. You will be able to see the world from a whole new perspective with clear plans for the future.

  • You will finally believe what God says about you. You will learn to live in harmony with yourself, people and God.

You can find your Christian life coach online and schedule an appointment for a counselling session. But it is very important to see if a coach is devoted to the process of your growth. The coach should understand you and be a pro in aspects of life where you want to see your growth and changes.

Of course, at this point you may say, "Why should I seek a Christian coach if I am satisfied with my current living situation?"

Coaching is a great opportunity for growth and development. If you feel trapped in depression, you are starting to feel burned out and dissatisfied, then a life coach will come to your rescue.

You can find a Christian mentor on the Christ’s Bodies platform. It is designed to create and develop online home groups. Each group has a leader who is responsible for the meetings and mentors its members.

You can join an online group at any time. For this you only need a smartphone or laptop and access to the internet. Choose a community that matches your interests, for example, a group for Levites and musicians, women or men, youth or topic groups.

Register on the Christ's Bodies platform to choose your online Bible study group and find your mentor.