Home churches

9 November, 2020
House church themes

“For where two or three are gathered in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20).

Here Jesus says that a group of three or even two people is His Body. In such a group, He can manifest His power of Love through healing, comfort, and instruction. Such a meeting is considered to be a church. How to conduct a home church meeting? What topics to choose for discussion? How to prepare for your first house church meeting? Read the answers in the article.

When to conduct a home church meeting

The mentor, choosing the time and day so that it is convenient for each member of the group, plans conducting an online group. Thanks to Christ's Bodies, you can join your group anywhere. A person only needs a laptop or smartphone with Internet access. Sitting on a terrace in a cozy cafe or on a park bench, any member of the group can attend his online meeting. The day and time are scheduled right on the platform. Each participant will receive a notification about when and what time the next online group will be launched.

The best group gathering size is 3-12 people. When there are few people in a group, this encourages participants to have more confidential discussions. In this way they can more easily bring into God’s light their problems and needs to receive advice and support through prayer.

What topics to choose for an online group

A mentor usually chooses the topic for a joint discussion during an online group. This can be a sermon, a portion of text from the Scripture, or some important comments. Preliminarily, the mentor instructs the members to watch a sermon or read a portion of text from the Bible. Each member of the group independently analyzes the material, and later shares his reflection in the home group.

On the Christ's Bodies platform, he doesn’t have to worry about choosing a theme. Every week he will receive materials for conducting a home group. He can use them after having studied them.

How to prepare for an online group

To prepare for the first communication in an online group, it is enough to register on the cb.online website. Fill out the profile and go to the “All Groups” section. Choose a community of your interests and apply for membership. Before the online meeting starts, you will receive a notification in your personal account. Join and become a part of Christ's Bodies!