How to become a good Christian mentor

18 March, 2021
how to become a christian life coach for free

A Christian mentor is a person whose care is to instruct, help and support others. A Christian mentor knows that the main thing in life is to have a strong, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Mentoring is a valuable way of sharing best practice and learn from the advice and experience of others.

What qualities that make a good Christian mentor

A good mentor possesses the following qualities:

  • Honesty and openness - you can trust this person and share your troubles, difficulties, joys and dreams with him.

  • He is your biggest example and teacher. One of the main roles of a Christian mentor is to lead by his example, allowing you to follow him around, learn from his mistakes, and “absorb” his experience.

  • He believes in your potential. He will help find out reasons you worry and can’t get ahead.

  • He is capable of development. A mentor’s intention is not only to teach, but also to learn. This brings confidence to the mentee.

  • He sets priorities and helps create a strategy for your spiritual development.

How to be an effective Christian mentor

  1. You need to lead a Christian lifestyle, be honest with yourself, and spend time alone with God.

Ask God to use you and help others through your mentoring relationship. Cultivate a humble and teachable spirit. Spend time with Jesus, besides mentoring. Pray for the person you mentor.

  1. Be a good listener and focus on God and the person you mentor.

You should focus on God's purpose, not on your plans. As a mentor, you shouldn't try to change a mentee, but to point at the crux of the matter and provide guidance.

  1. Share stories of what God has done in your life.

Be clear and honest, be sincere and open to discuss any topic. Choose study materials and read the Bible together. It will help develop trust in your relationships.

  1. Be a really inspiring person who helps a young man open up and embrace his uniqueness and develop his potential in Christ.

Always renew your vision as a mentor and impart it to others. Experience how one person can help change someone's life.

A relationship with a Christian mentor should have a profound impact on a personal growth as a disciple through faith in God. The role of a Christian mentor is to equip the individual with a Godly wisdom and insight to make many difficult daily decisions.

Christian mentoring is essentially about creating a safe place for a person to find his identity in Christ. The mentee should be honest in his life and not feel condemned or ashamed for his thoughts. A Christian mentoring relationship provides a save place, where a person receives Jesus’ grace, mercy, and help.

Are you ready to help others grow in the Christian faith? When you accept this role in another person's life, we can call it mentoring.

Being a Christian mentor involves playing an influential and important role in another person's life. If you have a relationship with Christ, you live in society and grow in your faith, you can join others and show them the way to Jesus.

What you should expect from Christian mentoring

Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” God uses a mentoring relationship to strengthen people's faith.

Many people have a desire to share their faith, teach others about Jesus, or participate in the ministry. But they don't have the tools to get started. However, it is you who can become this tool in God's hands and be the one who brings others to God. Once mentoring becomes an essential part of life, you begin to walk in dynamic and rich relationship with God.

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