Online sermons

9 November, 2020
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Today, people more often replace face-to-face meetings with virtual conferencing, printed books with electronic books. If earlier we could not even think about such a great progress, today it is very important for us to keep pace with such a technological process. The Gospel also moves forward: all modern possibilities spread it through the Internet. So we can listen to sermons “here and now.”

Why it is convenient to listen to sermons online

Some people do not have an opportunity to communicate with Christians face to face every day, but they have a great desire to learn basic Bible truths. A couple of decades ago, it would have been more difficult to do, but not now in the age of the Internet.

God wants to help every person. It is for this reason we need to hear the word of Christ every day. We can listen to sermons online at any convenient time, not being tied to any place. We can be alone with your thoughts, penetrate in every word and not get distracted by anything.

Who it is suitable for

When you go through tough times, when you have problems in life, you can ask a question, “How to stay on God’s paths and how to proceed?” Online sermons are a great solution, because without leaving your home you can get answers to your questions. You will gain valuable knowledge and biblical understanding of what God says through His Word. Any person can use this simple format for Bible study.

What the benefits of listening to sermons online are

1. Accessibility and regularity. If there is no Christian community in your city or you do not have time to visit it, you can listen to online sermons and conversations at any hour of the day or night. And also at any moment you can listen to them again, if you need it.

2. Variety. You may need encouraging words that you can find only in God's Word. Thanks to online sermons, you can have access to various sermon topics: healing, financial prosperity and thriving, family and marriage, Christian parenting, overcoming depression and fear, overcoming failures. You can choose any of them.

3. Full immersion (Thoughts and thinking). Preaching will help you start listening to yourself when you are alone with God. The advantages of online preaching is that you can make notes and refer to them in future. It can be powerful memory training. This is how we benefit from preaching as we read our notes. These can be valuable thoughts or even revelations.

4. They can be shared with friends. If it is important for you to be heard, to pay attention to problems in your life and the problems of people close to you, then you can listen to online sermons together right now. Through preaching we do not only study the Scriptures and immerse ourselves in the Word of God, but also we are changed by God. So you will be not just a hearer, but a person

“who hears the word, retains it, and by persevering produces a crop.” (Luke 8:15).