Why Christian mentoring is so important?

18 March, 2021
what is christian spiritual mentoring

We think that we should become spiritually mature at least once in our lives. We ask ourselves: how to find that person who will help me understand the Holy Scripture? Who is that faithful friend that is going to explain everything to me and help me find the right direction in life? A mentor is the very person who will take responsibility for your spiritual life.

What does Christian spiritual mentoring look like?

In any life situation, we need wise counselors and their support. Christian mentoring is important because it provides both spiritual and emotional support. Christian mentoring is defined as a relationship experience in which one person empowers another and shares the knowledge God gives him. A Christian mentor benefits from his experience and maturity to impart his knowledge to others, who want to walk with Jesus.

What is Christian spiritual mentoring?

Christian mentoring from A to Z comes from the heart and is directed to God. When we look at the mentoring principles taken from the Bible, we understand that a mentor who pleases God differs from a secular leader. Biblical mentoring means discipleship to become like Christ. A mentor, in other words, is a more experienced follower who imparts to another believer the knowledge, skills, and foundations for spiritual growth in Christ. He is able to influence the character and behavior of a believer, to guide and help him.

Types of Christian mentoring

A mentor does not need to have all the answers, and he is not perfect, like all of us. But he is undoubtedly a person with a servant heart who is confident in who he is because of his identity in Christ. A mentor through the power of the Holy Spirit, seeks to live the life that Jesus came to give us.

Christian mentor’s dedication gives the power to say like the apostle Paul, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ” (1 Corinthians 11: 1).

The Bible study reveals us that all mentors differ from each other and relationships with them are different too. Each type of Christian mentoring has its benefits and purpose. Considering biblical mentoring, we can talk about the roles and functions of mentors:

  • An apostle is a pioneer, his main function is God’s vision;

  • A prophet is a preacher, his main function is prophecy, God’s message and his help to people, support and comforting;

  • An evangelist brings good news of peace, his main function is salvation;

  • A pastor brings edification to the church, his main function is upbringing;

  • A teacher teaches the revealed doctrines, his main function is the way to God’s truth.

Remember that the type of mentoring is determined not only by the mentor's abilities and qualities, but also by the circumstances he faces.

Why Christian mentoring is important

A mentor is a dedicated person who helps others to follow God. Such a person is an inspiration to mentees and an example of spiritual maturity. Indeed, a person can completely change his life when he has an example to follow. Your mentor can be a great example for you.

Believers can become mentors if they are equipped with the tools, training, and confidence to grow in maturity and love for Christ. Of course, the best mentor is the one who knows how to follow Jesus. No one has the power to lead others, guided only by his own desire. God shows the way. Christian spiritual mentoring is a great responsibility, because its goal is to lead people to be driven by God’s purpose, and therefore all their efforts are aimed at turning to God.

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